Quot Euclidis discipulos retrojecit Elefuga quasi scopulos eminens et abruptus

I do not believe in ecclesiae, therefore I do not believe in Gods
Yet ecclesiae prepare the sperm of Aristocracy
Pons asinorum, from that point on no fool would pass thus
A flight of wretches an Elegy of fugitives
Of non Άριστοι

What purity game?
Pagan as I am, I lust without shame
lest that innocent purity of children,
purity of monastic seclusion
Some lust is somewhere hidden

Outstanding infallibility
of academic professors
Popes have long bewildered their Αγος

I do not believe in myths or in marketing
nor in Business ethics
If any they would give the surplus profit away

Authentic genius,
Heraldic symbolisms of no significance
9 is the number of wisdom

Mystic as I am, children of Pythagoras
knowledge is esoteric deductions
Music is experienced Knowledge

Axiom is the method, knowledge is the language
Marginal incremental proofs given a set of self evidence trivialities
Of things that are, Induction is a lie waiting
Καὶ τὸ ὅλον τοῦ μέρους μεῖζον

I believe in an iconoclastic God that loves Icons
I believe that the Cosmos is a majestic soup
A bunch of language definitions

Heuristic is the science of the doer
You cannot know things per se
But you can dip your finger in the sauce
Ego sum resurrectio et vita


Mattia Mare








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