Schemata that describe
the remains of the pagan within the self
love of unexplored areas
mythical entities
fairytales of uncharted eroticism
charlatan quasi theories
of collective memory traces
the molding of experience
in mystical erotic hallucination
leaving the functional self untouched
wandering inhumane monster in awe
in the phobic lust grounds
of Little red riding hood mythic chora
I leave all in I shut violence out
In modern iconolagnic fantasies
Tango dance me
unleash the fabric of my beastly libido
o you manic deity of innocent orgies

Mattia Mare

«Και δε σ’είδα ποτέ δάκρυα να χύσης,
Παρά λίγη στιγμή πριν μ’ατιμήσης»


Lucien Clergue




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